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Van Den Hueval Residence

Residential Projects | March 11, 2012



To compliment the natural surroundings, EcoStruction’s challenge was to add 300 sq. ft. of matching flagstone and create 1650 sq. ft. of new decking. Using recycled plastic lumber (RPL) instead of conventional lumber, ECO-STRUCTION installed new decking that continued the color flow of the existing flagstone. The resulting deck outlasts all chemically treated woods, resists […]

Sermersheim Residence

Residential Projects | March 11, 2012



For the Sermershiem’s major remodel, the needs of their large extended family were foremost. The interior portion of the house was renovated by integrating conventional building with green remodeling techniques. In the living room, we worked in conjunction with the entire family to create a design that offers an opportunity for each member to share […]

Freidman Residence

Residential Projects | March 11, 2012



A conventionally framed project that utilized non toxic sealants, FSC Certified Lumber, non-lead based finishes, rammed earth tiles, NO VOC paints interior and exterior, and no formaldehyde based glues in the insulations, carpets, and plywood where possible. The original design was to add a new master bedroom and full bath to accommodate the new family […]

Sheppard Residence

Residential Projects | March 11, 2012



The mild weather and casual ambiance of Santa Cruz, California requires special design consideration to capture the free-spirited nature of the seaside location. In designing and building an enclosure for the Sheppard residence, EcoStruction considered both the need for privacy by the residents and creating a welcome street level presence reflective of the sunny neighborhood. […]

Quinn Residence

Residential Projects | March 11, 2012



In August of 2006, the EcoStruction Team gathered in Wilton, CA to begin construction of the Phoenix House for the Quinn Family. An original design by EcoStruction, the three bedroom home uses Reclaimed Polystyrene ICF-Insulated Concrete Block as the main building material. The signature Phoenix, etched into the concrete floor, is shown here being highlighted […]

Goldsmith Residence

Residential Projects | March 11, 2012


An initial study was done on the existing space, and it was decided that there were several interior, aesthetic changes that could be made to increase the light and space available. The kitchen was remodeled and increased by almost 10 sq. ft. without moving a single wall. The wall adjacent to the living room was […]

Orsi Residence

Residential Projects | March 11, 2012


With plans for a future winery, the Orsi’s chose EcoStruction to help design and implement an overall enclosure for their property. Working closely with the Orsi’s on a design that would withstand the intense summer heat and the frigid winters, the EcoStruction team built a series of graceful straw-bale walls and Northern Cedar gate enclosures […]

Pellisier Residence


The Pellissier residence, designed and built by Ecostruction, is the first structure to be built with Reclaimed Polystyrene ICF-Insulated Concrete Block in the City of San Jose, CA.

Mueller Residence


Nestled in he Santa Cruz Mountains, the Mueller residence showcases sustainable building that compliments the beauty of the natural environment. Built by EcoStruction in 2008, the unique eco-friendly designed structure contains no industrial paints; utilizing instead, the integral color embedded in the interior earthen plasters and the exterior Papercrete stucco. The emphasis on natural design […]

Fonstad Residence

fonstad exterior2

2010 USGBC Certified LEED Platinum as the Highest Scoring New Home in the United States. Awarded the 2008 “Green Building Award” from the town of Atherton, CA, in recognition of environmental leadership in Green Building Practices, EcoStruction recently completed this 5 bedroom, 5 bath home, featuring the latest in sustainable building practices. Nestled in the […]