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California High Desert

Solar Projects | November 5, 2009

EcoStructionSolar worked with the owners in the high desert of California to design a spa area using recycled and reclaimed metal (Oakland Bay) bridge parts creatively designed to complement the landscape as an awning for this unique water site. Water comes from a natural spring passing through EcoStructionSolar’s custom built heat exchanger and solar panels that […]

Atherton, CA

Solar Projects | November 5, 2009

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This Award-Winning  EcoStruction custom built home has been Certified LEED® Platinum EcoStructionSolar custom designed this electrical solar PV system with a 1700 amp per hour backup battery system.  It combines a radiant heating system with a warm board radiant sub floor used in conjunction with an Apricus solar panel system.  The solar panels also serve […]


Solar Projects | November 5, 2009


APRICUS SOLAR THERMAL SYSTEMS EcoStructionSolar presents the evacuated heat tube solar collector by APRICUS; Solar Thermal Systems for both residential and commercial applications providing hot water, space heating, industrial hot water and even air-conditioning featuring Heat/Air exchangers, solar panels and related components. The APRICUS solar collector can reduce your natural gas and/or electric heating usage […]

Santa Cruz, CA

Overlooking the picturesque town of Santa Cruz, EcoStruction Solar built awning shades along the south wall to reduce the amount of passive solar gain, while providing a shade area for the patio.

Boulder Creek, CA

Nestled beneath the redwoods without tremendous sun potential, EcoStruction Solar utilized an evaluating heat tube that produces more heat in a shorter amount of time thereby reducing the sunlight requirements.