Solar Solutions

EcoStruction Solar was created to concentrate our solar experience and energies through a specific company that works with our clients in the same dedicated way that we established with our award winning EcoStruction, Inc.

EcoStruction Solar is committed to practical renewable energy solutions for new and existing homes and businesses.

At EcoStructionSolar, we view every structure with a unique eye, providing different options that are specific to each client’s energy and lifestyle needs.

EcoStructionSolar is dedicated to the specialized design and integration of new energy systems and customized adaptations of existing energy sources for optimal efficiency.

EcoStructionSolar will help you take advantage of tax incentives available in your area (incentives may differ from state to state.)

Finding the Solar Solution that is right for you…

  • We help you select the collector type appropriate to your needs.
  • We help you to evaluate the efficiency, design differences and costs involved.
  • We work with you on the aesthetics of the site and other considerations.

Some helpful facts


Photovoltaic Solar Panels

Uses the “photovoltaic” effect” discovered by Edmond Becquerel in 1879 to produce electricity from sunlight.

  • Converts light into electricity (silently).
  • No moving parts.
  • Requires little maintenance.
  • Designed to last many years.
  • Can be connected to local electric utility to either supply power directly to home or business or pumping excess back to the utility.


Flat Plate Collectors

Reliable, efficient and the most popular utilizes an ABSORBER PLATE – a copper sheet that has been coated black then bonded to the risers (pipes) containing heat transfer fluid glazed with a sheet of glass for both protection and insulation.

  • Economical choice for Sunbelt Areas.
  • Typically less expensive.
  • More easily sheds snow.
  • Suitable for drain back systems.


More recent technology from the late 1970’s.  There are several types on the market all featuring a glass tube surrounded by an ABSORBER PLATE – a vacuum is created inside the tube for superior insulation resulting in better heat retention.  Process produces higher temperatures overall and can produce more heat in cold weather.

  • Less sensitive to sun angle.
  • Collector orientation more efficient at high temperatures.
  • Better insulation means better performance under cloudy or windy conditions.

Integrated Collector Storage (ICS)

A good choice for milder (non-freezing) climates, holds a large volume of fluid (40 gallons or more).  Usually uses water rather than heat-transfer fluid.



EcoStructionSolar presents the evacuated heat tube solar collector by APRICUS; Solar Thermal Systems for both residential and commercial applications providing hot water, space heating, industrial hot water and even air-conditioning featuring Heat/Air exchangers, solar panels and related components.

The APRICUS solar collector can reduce your natural gas and/or electric heating usage by up to 90%*
For detailed specifications and sizing, please contact us at your convenience.


  • 10 year limited warranty
  • Stable solar conversion
  • Internationally certified
  • Commercial or Residential

*To achieve up to 90% is dependent on the amount of heat generated and the storage capacity.

EcoStruction, Inc. is a registered dealer of Apricus products.